Making A Difference

At InterGlobe Hotels, we believe that everyday is an opportunity to do better. We are committed to investing in our society as we believe that it is one of our critical stakeholders. We aim to build pride in the communities we live and operate in. We have committed to::
• Providing sustainable livelihoods
• Conserving the environment
• Bridging the learning gap for the underprivileged

Our objective is to integrate the CSR effort and the spend, of InterGlobe Hotels, to maximize societal impact and employee engagement. This integration is aimed at bringing about a radical transformation in the targeted communities through diverse social upliftment initiatives.

The key areas of focus are:

Community interventions leading to observable, measurable and sustainable improvements in the overall environment by making communal areas defecation free and open waste free.


  • Focus on collective behavioural change leading to better hygiene of community dwellers
  • Improved sanitation through reduction and stoppage of open defecation and safe disposal of excreta.
  • Decentralized solid waste management through ‘closing the waste loop’ approach
  • Advancing and associated with the Government of India’s Swachh Bharat Mission.
  • Engagement and volunteering for employees of InterGlobe Hotels at various developing communities around the New Delhi International Airport.

Providing holistic and quality primary schooling using modern teaching methods for children in the age group of 4-11 years from economically weaker sections.


  • Effective upkeep of a primary school near Mahipalpur, New Delhi
  • Support towards strengthening of Multi-Purpose Centre Committee for running the school in a smooth and efficient manner
  • Mainstreaming of children into formal higher schooling

Creating a safe and enriching space for learning and empowerment for adolescent girls, women, and children in communities of economically weaker sections.


  • Measurable improvement in reading and writing skills among students.
  • Improved English-language skills among students as per national schooling levels
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills among adult women.
  • Cultivation of good health and hygiene practices and social skills among girls and women.
  • Greater rights awareness among women learners

Providing employable skills to young men and women from socially and economically disadvantaged areas around the New Delhi International Airport via a 6-month vocational training workshop in Hospitality (Culinary and Housekeeping) and Retail specializations.


  • Effective training for skill-building for the hotels and retail sector
  • Personality development and improved English-speaking capabilities
  • Increase in average monthly income by up to Rs.10,000
  • Foster confidence and self-esteem for engagement with family and society

i-serve program

Under our i-serve program, we encourage our employees to connect with causes of social concern by volunteering their time, skills and expertise. It has become an integral part of our organization. InterGlobe Hotels has seen a leap in volunteerism in the last 2 years from an average of 0.5 to 2 i-serve days per employees.

Governance & Management

Our success is a result of inspiring leadership with a clear vision for corporate social responsibility at InterGlobe Hotels. Leading by example, the leadership is well-connected with the societal challenges and follows a systematic approach in addressing it. The leadership believes in advocacy through regular updates via town halls, mailers, testimonials, and newsletters.

We have an in-house team of enthusiastic volunteers that work with NGO partners to implement our CSR projects. Each project has a leader with a team working towards the successful implementation of the project.

The core responsibilities of the Project leaders include:

  • Identifying areas
  • Budgeting
  • Chalking a yearly charter
  • Audit calendar and volunteering activities

This gives our project leaders a feeling of ownership with increased motivation to drive successful CSR programmes at work.

The in-house team conducts the audits along with our CSR partners. We also have a strong review mechanism. Our CEO at InterGlobe Hotels ensures separate quarterly review of CSR actions to enhance the sustainability of projects.


We work on time-bound projects after identifying the focus areas. Every project is designed to yield a substantial impact. Once the impact and outcome are achieved, the project becomes self-sustainable and is handed over to the community members who run it under the extended guidance of InterGlobe Hotels.

Apart from the long-term projects, we also focus on ad-hoc volunteering. These include visits & contributions to old age homes, orphanages, and working for the specially abled.
InterGlobe Hotels also promotes handmade products made by the underprivileged and specially abled through stalls set up at various ibis establishments.

Our work covers various cities and states including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Goa. At the properties which are currently under construction, we aim to serve the labour working at sites with free and regular health check-up camps. We also provide medical aid to their families.

We have so far impacted more than 2,500 families living near Delhi Aerocity.

What’s in store for Us

Employees feel proud to have found a common platform to go beyond their regular call of duty. CSR volunteerism has been woven in the employees’ KRAs and the projects are aligned to their personal choices. Employees are recognized as CSR Champs for early completion of 3 i-serve days. This has led to greater empathy, enhanced sensitivity, better employee engagement & increased CSR volunteering at InterGlobe Hotels.