Our Strengths

What makes us different

We at InterGlobe Hotels strive to deliver a delightful world class experience to our guests. With this singular objective, we have challenged conventional wisdom audaciously to reimagine the hotel experience. This has created a distinct brand image for InterGlobe Hotels that reverberates with creativity, innovation and new perspectives experienced through our 21 new-age properties.

  • Significant level of investment commitment

    Born in India with the mindset of building the finest hotels, InterGlobe Hotels has a sizeable footprint with a growing portfolio. We have successfully expanded our presence to over 14 cities in India. Our ever-expanding portfolio of state-of-the-art hotels represents prime assets in some of the most sought-after business and leisure destinations in India.
    With 21 operational hotels and 2 under-development, InterGlobe Hotels has an Indian portfolio with over $700mn of committed capital to develop 3,790+ keys, representing one of the most sizable financial commitments in the mid-market segment in India.

  • A Joint Venture Between

    Strategic Joint Venture – Hotel Development and Operations

    Our journey began in 2004, when InterGlobe Enterprises (IGE) and Accor Asia Pacific (AAPC) combined their strengths to evolve a network of ‘ibis’ hotels across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.
    The partnership continues to accelerate our growth and has resulted in a unique combination of project development capabilities with operational expertise which enables InterGlobe Hotels to maximize asset potential, sustainably generate revenue, and bring down costs.

  • Presence across all metros and other key cities

    The rising middle class in India and their willingness for higher discretionary spending have continued to support the growth of domestic and outbound tourism. People are better traveled and both business and leisure categories are expected to surge in the future.
    Tapping into this demand, we have already served 8 million guests so far in 21 hotels across 14 cities, 9 states and 4 geographic regions in India. With trendy, vibrant, high-quality stays, and a best-in-class guest experience we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our customers.

Unique Platform

The partnership between InterGlobe Hotels and Accor is a unique one. No other player has a domestic edge over us in the mid-market segment and we see huge potential for the growth in mid-market segment in India.

Structural Advantage

The mid-market hotel landscape in India has developed significantly in the past years.
This hotel segment is expected to be worth approximately $4 billion, growing at an average of 17% annually. Rising affordability, steady appreciation of the dollar and an increase in business activity in tier II and III cities are the key reasons for this surge.

  • Unmatched scale in economy and mid-scale segment

    Our belief in the long-term India growth story continues and we are very optimistic about the post COVID-19 revival forecasts. The mid-market hotel landscape in India has developed significantly in the last decade and with the help of our ibis brand and a growing portfolio, we are in a strong position to capitalize on this trend and further our advantage as the fastest-growing and preferred hotel brand in India.

  • Development capability

    At InterGlobe Hotels, we are creating structural advantage, one location at a time. We make a constant effort to understand the market and review all the development challenges throughout the project phase allowing us to have a better line of sight of our final product expectations.
    Our development expertise involves the overall project life cycle, right from site selection to the hotel opening. We remain aligned with all stakeholders and ensure that all development is carried out in adherence to the best practices of the industry.

  • Highly engaged, qualified and trained workforce

    We believe in empowering our people to exceed expectations. We are a team of people who love what we do and care enormously for our guests and communities – it’s our staff who receive the most compliments from guests.
    There is a constant effort to build capabilities by focusing on the 360° development of our people - creating internal opportunities through our various employee engagement initiatives and encouraging learning to ensure our teams remain ahead of their industry peers. We have a highly engaged workforce that in turn enhances customer engagement & satisfaction.

  • Access to a global customer base

    InterGlobe Hotels is an established local player with a global perspective. Our partnership with Accor helps us extend our warm hospitality to 64 million people around the world through Accor Live Limitless (ALL) loyalty program. The program allows this sizeable customer base to book a stay at any of our ibis hotels in India with ease.
    ibis is Accor’s much-prized brand in its segment, having served 18 million guests globally. Many of these guests continue to prefer ibis over other brands due to the experience, value for money, and Accor’s loyalty program benefits. Expanding the room inventory by 2024 will help further this competitive advantage.

  • Each property designed to ensure construction efficiency and quality

    Our efforts to provide best-in-class service experiences are complemented with strong execution and operational excellence. Our innovations have led to new industry standards in cost-to-build and time-to-build in our product segment.
    To address the ever-changing tastes of our guests, we continue to expand our operations across the lodging spectrum to offer a broader range of experiences. A stay with us is marked by our goal to make it as smooth as possible for our guests.

  • Sustainable Hotel Development Practices

    We share a tradition and culture of doing more than is expected — for our guests, our people, the community, and the environment. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our building practices, conserve natural resources, and promote eco-friendly habits across our entire operations.
    InterGlobe Hotels has been awarded the Indian Green Building Council’s Green Champion Award for being a pioneer in the large-scale adoption of green buildings in the hospitality sector in India. We work with external stakeholders to constantly improve our building practices and use resources in a mindful manner.

  • Fully compliant asset portfolio

    Even though we never shy away from innovation, we are committed to running our hotels so that they remain compliant with all statutory approvals, licenses, and necessary certifications.
    Since the company’s incorporation in 2004, we have invested and obtained over 44,000+ compliances at both operational and corporate levels. The compliances cover all aspects of development control, building services, food and beverage, fire approvals, sustainability, health and hygiene, pollution control, and safety and security.

  • Continuous innovation to improve guest experience

    At InterGlobe Hotels we aim at delivering exceptional guest experiences by building the most comfortable stays— that’s what energizes us. We believe that our customers, especially those in the mid-market segment, want to experience a memorable stay away from home. We continuously adapt to their aspirations by staying ahead of the curve.
    That’s why experience with a sense of quality and flair will remain a central principle of InterGlobe Hotels operations in the foreseeable future with the help of new generation rooms, trendy public areas, intimate community spaces, and state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

Continuous Product Innovation

Continuous innovation is a way of life at InterGlobe Hotels which is constantly setting new standards through its Future-Minded approach. When we introduced the ibis brand back in 2008, it challenged the status quo of the industry. Our effective use of space, cookie-cutter room designs, pod bathrooms and well-designed public areas were game changers.

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