Pan India Hotel Portfolio

The ibis Network

InterGlobe Hotels, a joint venture between InterGlobe Enterprises and Accor that led to the dissemination of the ‘ibis’ brand across India, has consistently redefined the hospitality sector in the country. The brand is filling a major void in the market while catering to the increased demand, a result of the booming domestic and international travel.

It is with our unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and collaboration that we have developed and operationalized a chain of 21 ibis hotels with a total of 3,790 keys. Our hotels are preferred as the best value international hotels in the region.

With its presence across India, ibis hotels have established a reputation for excellence and are known for offering quality service and value. Our state-of-the-art facilities and round-the-class service combined with ideal locations have made the ibis brand the go-to choice for both business executives and leisure travellers.

A look to the future

Densification of existing markets and exploring new high-growth markets continue to remain the cornerstone of our strategy. With 21 operational hotels, we remain invested to grow the network and be a catalyst in the Indian hospitality growth story. While we have a presence across the top cities in India, it is our constant endeavour to ensure our presence in all micro-markets across these cities.

For a country as large as India, we want to ensure that we are not too thinly spread out. Our primary growth strategy will be to continue focusing on Tier-1 locations across the country while simultaneously looking at high-growth Tier-2 cities as well.

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